Life Under A Bridge

(or why has Tromador stopped moaning all the time?)

Tromador, the sysadmin troll, has moved. He has left the hell he used to live in and been rehoused under a bridge in Batley. His past life has been detailed but our intrepid author felt that a return visit might be justified, or possibly even safe. Our author arrived to find Tromador about to dine upon a rather gruff looking billy goat and chose not to get too close.

Tromador has rid himself of the evils of SCO Unix and now spends most of his time feasting merrily upon Linux. This is quite odd, as life under the bridge has very little, if anything, to do with Linux. He spends some of his time gathering PERLs and on one occasion was very nearly lost at C. (ed. Sorry.. computer jokes, I know...)

He still has to slave away under the yoke of Microsnot NT, but this burden has lessened due to the advent of third party software, which he uses in his capacity as hostmaster, postmaster and chief undeniable knowledge technician. He was asked to provide a job title, to describe his position, a task he readily agreed to. He sat down upon his favourite rock and began to think. The answer will be posted here, as soon as one becomes available.

Conditions have of course improved with the move. He is now far, far away from where he was and this in and of itself has made it possible to approach much more closely without getting your head bitten off and swallowed whole. A much lower exposure to end-lusers has also made Tromador an easier troll to deal with than once he was.

He still typifies the breed. Enjoying large quantities of liquid refreshment, even being known to dance around the cauldron late at night, in the company of his similarly afflicted troll buddies. (ed. You know who you are... and we ain't got nobody) The science fiction fixation continues unabated, sadly with the end of Babylon 5, his craving is often left unsatisfied, although Sky's attempts to mollify him with new episodes of Deep Space Nine do keep him quiet every now and then.

Acts of random stupidity are still an every day part of his life. Everything from losing his marbles to coming close to writing something really depressing on what is intended as a light hearted web page.(ed. Phew that was close...) So, it seems some things will never change.

Tromador is currently learning to drive and due to finish when mythical beasts are allowed on the roads.

My God... It's full of stars.

Note: Since this page was written... in.. um... well it's been a couple of years or so, Mythical beasts have been allowed on the roads.
May your $DEITY watch over you.