Places Tromador has been seen..

...and who he was when he was there.

Floating, endlessly in the void between spaces, in the darkness between the stars, between worlds, between universes is The Way. Some are chosen to travel The Way and some choose the journey for themselves. The Way connects all things, at all times and in all places, so those that travel The Way find themselves thrown at random from one place to another to dwell there for a time, before being pulled back, once again, to travel The Way anew.

Sometimes, the traveller will remember who he is and his past journeys and sometimes the traveller will lead a life under a different name and different personality. Nonetheless each journey adds to the experience of the individual. It is believed by those that study The Way that the traveller can never truly control his journey for once upon the road, it is The Way that charts the path. Still, the most experienced travellers may, at times throw a little influence upon their destinations.

This then, is a tale of the journey of Tromador, a traveller on The Way.