All about Tromador

Who is this Tromador character and why can't he use his proper name like any normal person?

The answers to these questions have long been sought by those who have wandered far from the quest for true wisdom, indeed the student of truth will have already dismissed this epistle as the spurious ravings of a diseased mind.

Tromador is a sysadmin troll. He works in the deepest pit of hell where the flames reach higher than a satellite in geostationary orbit, and burn hotter than your arse after an industrial strength chicken mega-faal with double chillies (you know - the kind where the waiters run with it to your table hoping to get there before it melts the plate!). Currently he is paid in Ninghis and hopes one day to collect enough to own one Pu.

His primary domain is the support of Microsnot Windows NT, a self inflicted damnation for which Tromador has only himself to blame. In his more lucid moments he supports SCO Unix and Novell Netware. At home he spends much of his time swearing colourfully and candidly at his Linux box.

As is typical for his stereotype he enjoys science fiction, having a special affinity for Babylon 5 and all things Star Trek. Being an amateur Treknologist you can be sure he knows which end of a pattern buffer is which and can readily distinguish between the EPS and ACB.

Oddly enough, in addition to the predeliction for loud music that is normally used by trolls of his breed to deaden the mind and provide relief, for a short time, from the ghastliness of their existence, Tromador also enjoys taking a more interactive role in the production of same, having been known to lurk behind a drum kit from time to time. Asked to comment upon this, he merely noted "I 'its fings don't I!", and began foaming at the mouth, at which point this author decided discretion was the better part of valour and beat a hasty retreat.

As for the name Tromador, no-one seems to know. If anyone does know, they are welcome to address their comments to me.

Currently Tromador is constructing his home page, but due to finish when hell freezes over (the one he's in).

Remember, the Force will be with you.... Always.