Tromador's unexciting webpage

Just a holding page here for now. If you really want to get to the old page with the horrendous textures and other stupid stuff, then you want to go to the old index Consider yourself warned.

If you think you deserve it, you can access PostfixAdmin or webmail.
Anyone using these services will know they aren't supported, you could try bothering the sysadmin, if you happen to know him. No promises!

In case you are lost, the Clash of Clans stuff is here

For the benefit of the search engines, I would point out that I, Tromador am the only Tromador and that anyone else called Tromador is a fake Tromador. In particular, I would add that the Tromador featured here in these Tromador written pages about Tromador is much more of a Tromador than that stupid sleepy Tromador the dragon and given that the Tromador featured here accounts for 90% of all Tromador hits on a google search for Tromador, when the point is to find Tromador, then surely the Tromador featured here on these Tromador pages is the one true Tromador and that any attempt to suggest that there is another Tromador is a quest doomed to fail. Tromador would like to apologize to readers of these, the Tromador pages, for this blatant indulgence of the ego of Tromador, but hopes that he has now typed Tromador enough times, in a natural language style (quite unusual for Tromador) that any given search engine will rank him more highly. Tromador is fed up of being second to the aforementioned stupid dragon, also named Tromador.